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Welcome subservient one! 

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


HAZY about your future? Be CLEAR of your destination by discussing any fetishistic thoughts and desires you may have with this enlightened, erudite, Premier Gold Coast Mistress who also caters for Brisbane. Let Me release your potential by dispensing an utterly unique brand of creative disciplinary therapy and other ruthless methods within My compass in the decadent atmosphere of My dungeon.

Mistress Adira and Her slave

Stylish, sophisticated, refined and assuredly in control, always, do not to be lulled into a false sense of security by My sweet initial demeanour. Underneath the layer of pure class lies a Professional Dominatrix of a sensually sadistic bent.

Regardless of My experience, I continue to devour creative ideas with relish and thrive on having opportunities to enable slaves and submissives learn true obeisance. Within My realm you will be able to explore different things in your desire to expand your limits. Life is a continuous learning process to be humbly embraced in all its richness of knowledge and wisdom. By serving Me, you will be subjecting yourself to many new, spiritually profound and ritualistic experiences.

I do not suffer fools gladly. I desire My slaves and submissives to be well groomed, confident, coherent, intelligent and articulate with a level of self-respect worthy of My attention. you must also understand your calling for subservience and be willing to humbly embrace the concept that you are destined to relinquish your mind and body into My very capable and discerning control.

Whether a couple, a novice, more experienced or in between, follow the links to find out more about this Gold Coast Mistress and what She demands and expects from Her male and female slaves and submissives.

If you have any queries you have permission to contact Me but don't forget to be respectful when you do.

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My dungeon is
fully airconditioned:
cool in Summer
& warm in Winter.

Although I am generally only available between 8AM & 8PM, My phone is often turned on well before and left on much later. Sessions CAN and DO run outside of these hours. My phone hours do NOT restrict hours for session times!



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