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“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.”


Cell saw serpent, suffer torment, no longer could it grow and rise.
Erections tried, were soon denied, prison dictated shape and size.
Lonely at night, rebel would fight, for freedom but attempts caused grief.
Lockup remained, nothing was gained, broken sleep but still no relief.

~ a ditti by slave tom ~

I have been aware for a long time that the male species not only thinks with his cock but is also driven by his cock. I often refer to this phenomenon as the male’s ‘upper brain’ and ‘lower brain’. Much of his time is ruled entirely by his cock. The following illustration describes this beautifully.

Can a male be trained to behave in a manner most pleasing to the Superior Female?

Taking his mind off freely accessible orgasms is an excellent start. This can be achieved by training the male to have self discipline where his orgasms are concerned. Erections will be experienced but he is NOT permitted to do anything with them. By allowing him to continue masturbating at will, he is being encouraged to participate in an activity for his own benefit. Some subs require a helping hand to maintain their focus on self discipline and a chastity device is the perfect solution for this.

On a D/s level as a Chastity Mistress, initially I would expect My submissive to retain his chastity without a using a device. I would expect him NOT to allow his testosterone level to affect his performance as My submissive. I first train My subs in self discipline in terms of their orgasms. I do not simply rely on the device directly to enforce chastity – like anything else, it is used as a tool to enhance and intensify the depth of My subs experience. Mental discipline is one aspect and this device adds another dimension – the physical limitation on erection and the painful and constant reminder of who is in control of his orgasms.

The fact that My sub has placed the control of his pleasure solely into My hands, is a pure act of submission and this is not simply due to the artificial or physical means of 'enforcement'. This submission stems from deep within his being and becomes an all encompassing experience of mind, body and soul. Chastity enables a male to reserve and channel his energy more appropriately and allows his mind to focus on what is truly important to him and to become less selfish. It also gives him an opportunity to dwell on his purpose, which is to serve and please this Gold Coast Mistress instead of thinking of his own needs and wants.

From the moment I place the CB3000 on My slave until the moment it is removed, I want My slave to feel the effects of his predicament in a profound way. The sound of the loud click as the padlock is snapped closed, reinforces his vulnerability and the physical reality of the device. My sub may even go into a state of shock to begin with which does not last long. This is immediately followed by a simple verbal statement to tease him or to mock his situation such as, “you won’t be playing with My cock for awhile now”, or “you will have to wait and see just how long you will be kept in chastity on this occasion.” Words are very powerful and with My sub in a highly suggestible state, there is nothing more gratifying than bringing My sub's erections in constant contact with its confinement.

Read My collared slave's thoughts on chastity from his perspective.

Poetic imagery of chastity for you to reflect on:

Brains disagree, top one can see, there's no point fighting the device.
Rebel below, still tries to grow, and each time pays a painful price.
As days pass by, turning blind eye, becomes part of grey matters life.
It seems python, can't cotton on, escape bids cause trouble and strife.
Now bottom tops, sane signal stops, each attempt for freedom is denied.
Sentry holds catch, game set and match, it's a tight argument inside.

~ Another ditti by slave tom ~

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