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Collared slaves

“Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart
the absolute principal of self-sacrifice.”


A slave is extraordinary, rare — and most often confused until they discover their slave spirit heart. Most slaves wander through life feeling unfulfilled — as if they have a "dark hole" in their spirit — a hole that can be temporarily filled with an abundance of sex, work, addictive behavior or other whole-life-consuming factors. 

~ Master Steve ~

My Collared slaveSo you think you want to become a collared slave. What does 'collared slave' mean to you? Are you ready to commit yourself totally and in every respect as a slave? Do you possess the inherent qualities expected of a collared slave? Are you prepared to sacrifice your ego and accept absolute obedience?

you may incorrectly believe that as a Professional Dominant I am not interested in collaring slaves. I can assure you that if a slave shows a natural inclination to slavery, the possibility of being collared as My slave becomes a very real prospect. But this is not a game, it is a serious, life changing event. Such consideration is not placed lightly on just any slave within My realm! you must prove to Me that this is truly who you want to be and that you deeply believe you possess the necessary characteristics to have such an honour bestowed upon you – for it is indeed a privilege to be trained as My collared slave.

Keep in mind that this training is designed for a Mistress/slave relationship, not a Dominant/submissive one where the sub retains some choice in regard to their level of submission. And do not make the mistake of thinking this will be a 24/7 situation at any stage. As a Professional Dominant, I have collared slaves who are trained for the purpose of loyally serving Me WITHOUT the expectation that they will be in My presence on a 24/7 basis. Nor will it involve any sexual contact with your Goddess in any shape or form, oral or otherwise. your cock will become My property and as such, all your orgasms will be under My total control and at My discretion! 

Being My collared slave is not easy and it takes a tremendous amount of commitment, time and effort to pave the correct path for your true destiny as My slave. your training will be rigorous and specific in both communication and action. Every detail of your speech and movement will be dictated by a set of rules as you are re-educated and moulded to fit My needs. It will not be a negotiable encounter and it cannot be decided upon using an approach of trial and error. Training, once started, will be a gradual process giving you time to accept, adjust and submit to each step of your new life as a real slave within My realm.

So what do I look for in a collared slave? There are five essential elements I expect in a slave when considering its potential and these are:

Loyalty – I will be investing a great deal of My time and energy in training you through sessions for the role of slavery and you must be wholeheartedly loyal and devoted to becoming that which you are meant to be.

Honesty – This will be a continual period of growth and you must be prepared to be true to yourself. you cannot create slavery through lack of other choices, you have to want to live it 100% with your whole being.

Commitment – I expect you to have serious drive and determination to fulfil your destiny as My slave, and to do this without question. Slavery and obedience must be your top priorities. There is no room for it to be anything other than your first choice!

Intelligence – Coherence and good articulation are essential for accurate communication and clear assimilation of your tasks throughout your intense training.

Self Respect – Above all, value yourself. If you are weak minded, you will not be able to submit completely to slavery. It takes courage and strength of character to live the life of a slave and undertake the challenging changes ahead.

Remember that being a slave is a special calling. Not all have the spirit required to procure the mentality of true obedience. your entire being and pleasure in life will be derived from obeying. Nothing else will do.

So... you have read this far and you are still here! Has this struck a chord with you? Are you prepared to devote the time necessary to implement the required change in your life? Are you prepared to sacrifice all else in exchange for total obedience? Are you ready to accept and stick by the principles you will be living by as My slave?

If your reaction is a positive one, I invite you to introduce yourself to Me via email (if you are not already known to Me) and express your interest in becoming a collared slave within My realm. I will send you further questions to answer as honestly as your current perception of slavery allows. This will give Me a good basis to reach a more accurate conclusion as to your suitability for acceptance into My collared slave training regime. And if you are accepted, this will be the last decision you will have the right to make as you pursue and begin to live your true destiny.

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