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My Divine Dungeon

“Environments are not just containers,
but are processes that change the content totally.”

Zebra Line

Suspension in Mistress Adira's new dungeon 

My divine, spacious and luxurious premier dungeon with its wood beamed feature ceiling, grand herringbone patterned floor (reminiscent of French parquetry), sensuous red and chocolate walls, is well equipped and fully airconditioned which means I am in total control of the temperature and humidity levels.

The decadent yet sublime ambience of My inner sanctum is aided by a cage, a suspension point with an electric winch for horizontal and inversion suspension, leather sling, leather suspension sling, spanking horse, bondage table, medical table, plenty of rope, chain and many other pieces of leather and metal equipment. Every item and every implement compliments the flow of many creative scenarios that My devious mind can conjure.

Summer heat and humidity disappears the moment you step through My front door and winter chills rapidly dissipate in the glowing warmth of the heating created by the wall mounted reverse cycle airconditioning system.

No matter what the season, the one constant you can be assured of is total body temperature comfort whether you are fully naked before Me or fully clothed in sissy or crossdressing fashion.

If you are sensitive to temperature, be embraced by the fact that the only overheating you will experience in My presence will be that caused by Me working you into a state of heightened bliss. Obviously this will naturally tend to raise your body temperature somewhat *winks*.

I invite you to escape the extremes in seasons in exchange for extreme subservience within My climate controlled sacred environment where you can wholly focus on what is important without seasonal distraction.

Premier Gold Coast & Brisbane Mistress



Mistress Adira's Store 

My dungeon is
fully airconditioned:
cool in Summer
& warm in Winter.

Although I am generally only available between 8AM & 8PM, My phone is often turned on well before and left on much later. Sessions CAN and DO run outside of these hours. My phone hours do NOT restrict hours for session times!



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