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Over The Knee Spanking

“Pleasure and pain, though directly opposite
are contrived to be constant companions.”


Discipline can be administered in many forms and an over the knee, bare bottom spanking is a more personal, intimate and skilful art form. One aspect I thoroughly enjoy from this type of discipline is the flesh on flesh contact and the deliberate and ritual positioning of My naughty one – over My knee naturally – in a position which is made to work to My advantage and the disadvantage of My slave or submissive *wicked grin*.

What a thrilling, intimidating and immediate sensation it is being placed over My knee for correction of your misdemeanors, as you quiver  in a combination of fear and anticipation. And the best thing about an OTK spanking is that when you are properly positioned, it is more difficult to clench your cheeks and My spanking hand can be applied to your exquisitely relaxed, bouncing bottom with far greater effect.

The pain of a spanking can last quite some time after your  spanking is completed. It is not the strength of the strikes which create this neverending feeling, it is the length of time you are disciplined. During your spanking, your nerve endings in the buttocks become numb decreasing much of the actual pain. For punishment purposes, I often take periodic breaks between spankings to allow your nerves to come back to life *wicked grin*. A lasting glow is My aim and I can assure you that you WILL be feeling it for some time afterwards.

Prepare to confess to your Auntie and relinquish your bare bottom to the loving attention of My hand (and/or hairbrush and slipper).


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