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“...the essence of generosity is in self sacrifice.”


Pamper Mistress Adira

My primary focus is not for you to pander to Me with gifts and this is not a prerequisite to gain My attention. However,  requests from slaves and submissives wanting an opportunity to more substantially demonstrate genuine, heartfelt commitment, inspired Me to create a wish list to especially satisfy this most generous longing of yours to cater for My every desire and pleasure. I am most discerning in My tastes and expect nothing less than the very best quality.

Those of you aspiring to impress Me with your thoughtfulness and devotion, will find this craving to please Me to be most beneficial to your own happiness and sense of belonging and will quite properly enrich your subservience as a result. I appreciate such tangible gifts of gratitude and treasure your affectionate sincerity and fervent dedication. These gestures from My truly devoted supplicants, restores My faith in your awareness of your only purpose and duty to your Mistress. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint Me now would you?

I have a particular passion for Leather and Silk Brocade Corsets (overbust and underbust), Stiletto Shoes and Boots, Garter/Suspender Belts (6-strap & 8-strap with metal clasps), beautiful Lingerie, Fully Fashioned Stockings, RHT Stockings, unusual Vintage Stockings and Silk Stockings. Refer to My physical attributes charts for correct sizing when choosing such a gift as this. you wouldn’t want to purchase the wrong size now and offend your Goddess with such a sloppy effort.

Gift Certificates (vouchers) from any of the following are acceptable.

Have the Gift Certificate made out to Mistress Adira and sent to My email address - Domina@MistressAdira.com

Amongst My many and varied intellectual interests, books and music are high on My list of passions and a gift of this nature from My wish list at Amazon would also be an appropriate gesture. 

Keeping Me supplied with either one of My favourite perfumes, matching talcs and body milk/lotions would also greatly please Me. I regularly use the following two scents: 'ANGEL' by Thierry Mugler (the best value is the Eau De Parfum 100ml Refill Bottle with funnel) and 'MITSOUKO' by Guerlain.

Still undecided? Give Me a call on 0430 12 12 22 and I will direct you to the appropriate gift.

If you have any queries, email Me slave:

Premier Gold Coast & Brisbane Mistress



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Although I am generally only available between 8AM & 8PM, My phone is often turned on well before and left on much later. Sessions CAN and DO run outside of these hours. My phone hours do NOT restrict hours for session times!



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