Mistress Adira - Premier Gold Coast / Brisbane Dominatrix
Page: CBT

Cock & Ball Torture

“And painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain.”



Cock and ball torture, or CBT in short, carries the contradictory desire to experience both pleasure and pain in that most intimate part of your anatomy - your genitals.

The tender attention at the hands of My exquisite fingers can turn without warning to excruciating torment, either through squeezing, pinching or slapping using My fingers, or the digging in of My long fingernails, or a number of other devious methods at My disposal.


Applying torture to the balls is effectively achieved with weights, clamps, parachutes, binding or mummification and I am rather partial to stretching. Similarly the penis will not escape My attention and I am particularly fond of whipping, caning, waxing and binding this most delicate part of your anatomy.


your weakness will be fully exploited for My pleasure and do not be lulled into a false sense of security by My initial sweet demeanour.

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