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On Friday night 11th November in 2005, i picked up Mistress Adira at 8.30pm. my Gold Coast Mistress was taking me to a tattooist to be permanently marked for my birthday and to be Hers forever. W/we were early so i was first taken to a nearby bar to make me more at ease as my booking was not until 9pm.

Before W/we walked into the tattooist, Mistress ordered me to put on my collar that She had told me to bring. Then my Goddess attached Her zebra leash to it and led me into the tattooist making a grand entrance (and causing a couple with their two children to desert the shop very promptly in the process)!

The tattooist showed my Mistress Her design he had finished off with beautiful lettering. He said he needed a couple of minutes to get ready so W/we went and sat down. Well, i did not sit down, my Mistress sat down and i had to kneel on the floor at my Goddess’ feet. Before i knew it, the tattooist spoke to my Mistress and i was led into the room and placed in a position where the tattooing could begin. Mistress Adira sat on a bench opposite me with Her hand firmly on my leash. The first few minutes of the process was painful but i got accustomed to it. The sensation of the tattoo being put on was like having bees stinging into my skin over and over again in a small area on my lower back. There i was in this tattoo place wearing a leather collar and leash with my Goddess taking photos of me getting my very first tattoo.

The whole process only took about half an hour to do. Then my Mistress took me to another bar to celebrate my birthday and having been branded. Now i permanently belong to Mistress Adira. i am Hers forever and i am happy and deeply honoured to be Her devoted slave.

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