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Greetings Madam,

What can i say? The superlatives that come to mind are quite inadequate to express the feelings You created during our session!

The lead-up was beautifully crafted to prepare me for the ruthless discipline i knew would follow. All the while during the lead-up, i could sense You preparing Yourself and me for the discipline that was inevitable. In particular, the way You prepared the slave’s ass crack for future use created fear, real fear in me!

When You finally ordered me to the bench the fear rose in my throat and my belly knotted as i prepared myself mentally for the worst! i knew the punishment would be completely in keeping with the aims of the Court of Female Supremacy, the Judge Ms Severe and Your personal aims: to subdue this male slave cruelly and ruthlessly to serve the aims of Superior Women and You in particular!

i knew the caning would be severe... my breathing almost stopped as fear grabbed hold of me while i waited.

Then the command i had dreaded came from a long way away – “ARCH!”

The time had come to present my rump for the cruel attentions of Your cane.

i felt my breath catch as i arched. Then the even more dreaded – “HIGHER!”

Then a searing cut, white light exploding in my head as the cane lashed down exploding in brutal pain on the presented buttocks and i sagged down on the bench clawing the bench and the air as my body convulsed! i knew then that You would not be merciful until You had achieved Your aims – a pliant slave ready to serve Your every wish!

i lost track of time, the dungeon was there as a container, but all that really existed was You, the cane, Your commanding voice, my raised buttocks and the knowledge that You would show no mercy.

You had not pronounced sentence so the slave knew he would be under Your cane until he broke and begged for mercy!

The merciless beating continued unabated – Your voice compelling each presentation of the buttocks to Your merciless cane. Time lost any meaning as You ruthlessly plied Your cane in lots of a dozen strokes. My voice sounded disembodied as i counted and thanked You for each stroke! Lash after lash carved brutal welts into my skin as You drove me ruthlessly!

However the one thing seared on my consciousness apart from the brutal pain was Your care. After each dozen You gently checked the condition of my buttocks – a gentle “nurse” making sure her patient was capable of handling this brutal punishment! The gentle dabs as You checked the welts and wiped away the blood was much appreciated as i gathered strength for the next batch of strokes!

As the count mounted and passed 6 dozen cuts, the submission and tiredness were becoming more and more evident, yet You drove the slave on... 84 strokes passed when at 86 i broke, begging for mercy, completely drained deep in slave space.

From far away Your voice granted mercy, but also demanded 10 more strokes. Each command: “Arch... Higher!”, was followed by a brutal cane stroke until at stroke 10 i slumped in into complete exhaustion feeling only Your tender mopping up of the blood and Your soothing voice.

By this time i was ready to do anything. i think You knew this as You commanded me to present myself before Your throne for brutal use of my rear. Yet deeper You drove me, ruthlessly using the slave for Your amusement and pleasure until You allowed him respite, collapsing in a fetal position at Your feet!

The above are words Madam, but they fail to adequately express the feelings You created.

i drove home emotionally and physically exhausted, yet on a beautiful high!

Sleep came minutes after arrival home, i applied dressings and collapsed into bed... 12 hours of blissful rest followed punctuated by Your voice: Arch... Higher... then the noise of the cane and the searing pain of Your punishment. Bliss indeed Madam!

Thank You!

slave x

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