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On 31st March 2007, i became a collared slave to Mistress Adira – what impact it would have on my life i was not exactly sure, but i knew my life as i previously knew it would probably never be the same again. At the time i became a collared slave i had become a very lazy person. It had been four years since i had played any sport – previously i had played cricket and competition golf on Saturdays. i was reasonably fit although being single and drinking heavily, my health was not good. i had just been placed on blood pressure and cholesterol tablets by my Doctor and had been given a serious talk about how i needed to lose some weight. Oh yes... blah, blah. i was in my mid 40’s with no health problems, what would she know! So i continued drinking heavily three nights a week, eating take away three nights a week and having a good time. i could not do what i previously could do but who cares, after all i was getting old!

On 2nd April 2008, my Mistress sent what i thought was an innocuous email (i had never met my Gold Coast Mistress at this stage) and She enquired about my weight. i advised that i had no idea (i had not weighed myself for 10 years). Mistress then enquired about my diet. i replied (thinking nothing of it): pizza twice a week; chilli potato chips four times a week; four litres of coke a week; lasagna; ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches twice a week; chicken and chips; and two meals a week at the Club. Mistress responded with these words in big letters “ANY VEGETABLES?” i thought, "vegetables?" No, i do not eat vegetables! But i tried to make out i was good by stating that i did eat one apple each week!

My life was about to change in a way that i never envisaged as i was ordered to purchase a pair of scales and i stepped on the scales the next day - 106.4 kilograms! i was a bit surprised. i thought i may have been around 100 kilograms but that must have been a few years ago. i advised my Mistress of my weight and then Mistress informed me that i was about to go on Her diet and fitness regime. Mistress Adira stated that i would walk for 30 minutes, four times a week and i would be eating a minimum of 5 varieties of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit each day. i laughed to myself... this was cool... i could be a good boy for a few weeks... just a little fad... a test for me. After all, what could my Mistress do to me some 2,000 kilometres away?

Things were becoming a bit more serious as Mistress Adira then announced that i would be sending a Diet Sheet every day providing details of what i have eaten each day and what i have had to drink. In addition to this i would be weighing myself every Saturday morning and if my weight had not decreased i would be punished. Mmm, i thought to myself, perhaps this was not going to be as easy as i thought. my Mistress was more clever than i had given Her credit. Still, i had not chosen Mistress Adira lightly, i had been searching for a new Mistress for a few months and if wanted to be a slave then i had to abide by the rules.

Mistress then sent a detailed email outlining what i was permitted to eat and what i was no longer permitted to eat: no alcohol, no soft drink, no potato chips, no white bread, no cheese, just to name a few of the things i was no longer permitted! Basically you could say that everything i used to eat was no longer allowed. Instead, it was to be cereal and multigrain toast for breakfast, multigrain sandwich for lunch, lean meat and vegetables for dinner and a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day!

It cost me a fortune to replace the food in my pantry as i had none of these things but my new life had dawned! This was going to be a good test for me: how badly did i want to be a slave? If i did want to be a slave as badly as i thought then i had to obey! Anyway, it would be good to lose a few kilos and get my weight back under 100 kilos to show Mistress i was a good slave! Little did i know at that stage that Mistress had other ideas!

The result since then has been one-way traffic. i began to lose weight immediately, somewhere between 1–2 kilograms each week for the first few weeks. i was amazed at this result. How could this be so easy i began to think to myself. How silly had i been over the last few years – i really had been a fool! Soon my weight was under 100 kilograms and i was happy. i advised Mistress Adira that this had been a very good exercise and i was very appreciative of Her efforts to improve the health and fitness of Her slave! Mistress was very, very annoyed that i had thought Her Diet and Fitness regime was only to last a short time. “Finished slave tate? you have not finished yet by a long way boy, you have only just started!” Oh! Oh! i was in trouble. Is this what being a collared slave is all about i began to ponder – a bit harder than i had imagined.

i soon became a changed person, i became conscious of everything i ate and what effect it would have on my weight. Whilst i became concerned, i never worried about not eating because weight was just falling off me - it was just a matter of how much each week! Mistress was showing no sign of relenting in Her desire to have me fit and healthy. The weather in Canberra dropped to minus degrees in the months of June and July but no respite for me from walking – i was to continue walking no matter what the temperature. This was probably one of the most significant events for me. To get up at 6.00am in the morning to go for a walk in -5 degrees would be a test of my commitment and desire to be a slave. To my pleasant surprise i continued to get up early and go for my walk - not once did i miss, not once did i roll over in bed and stay there!

i soon began to realize that i really did want to be a slave – i was prepared to do anything that Mistress asked. Walking in the rain was nothing, i was craving for this discipline, i began to realize that i needed this discipline! i began to feel very happy about myself and could see the result before my eyes. Weight was falling off me by now and i could almost see my toes and Mistress’ cock – it had been a long time since i had been able to do that. In addition to this, i was feeling much better, had much more energy, no longer wanted to go to bed at 10.00pm and wake up at 8.00am the next day. It was nothing to stay up until midnight now and be up at 6.00am the next day.

It was not always easy and i did have a few bad moments. i had to find out just what could i get away with. i vividly recall having to go interstate for work. Mistress said i would be allowed a maximum of two alcoholic drinks each day i was away (that was four drinks in total), and if i had more than that i would be punished! Old habits die hard – i had SIXTEEN beers whilst i was away! Face the music when i returned was my attitude. i knew it was wrong but i had been good for a few months and one mistake every few months should be OK. Oh no, Mistress was furious and my punishment was severe and much worse than i thought! i was fined $10 for EVERY alcoholic drink whilst i had been away - a total of $160.00. “Very expensive drinking alcohol for my slave from now on” laughed Mistress. She had made Her point - i was now a slave and i had to obey or be punished.

Within three months, my weight was down to under 95 kilograms. i was beginning to feel bones that i never knew i had but still Mistress was showing no sign of relenting. i had now lost more than 10 kilograms – my face was beginning to show the benefit as well as my bottom. i was starting to receive some compliments from some fellow workers and from my Doctor. She was most impressed thinking that her speech a few months ago had hit home (if only she knew the REAL reason, i thought to myself)! i was now looking forward to summer, perhaps i could go back to the swimming pool. It had been many years since i had ventured into a swimming pool because i had been too embarrassed to show my body to the rest of the public.

i had now been to see Mistress Adira in person on two occasions and it was obvious to Mistress that i had in fact been abiding by Her diet and fitness regime – i was a completely different person. i was being allowed the odd privilege, a chocolate bar each week, a small packet of potato chips every month and even the odd drink of alcohol! Mistress decided i no longer had to fill in my daily diet sheets as i had settled into a routine and Mistress was happy about that, but more importantly, so was i.

My weight loss each week began to reduce by .5 kilogram each week instead of 1 kilogram, but it did not matter! My life was changing dramatically and i had been given an opportunity to transfer in my employment to Queensland. What a break for me to move to where my Mistress was - if only work knew the real reason why i was so keen to move! In October my weight was down to 85 kilograms – i had lost more than 20 kilograms in about 7 months, an average of just under 1 kilogram each week. i had managed to lose my weight in a very safe and healthy manner just by eating healthier food i.e. a minimum of 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit each day and exercising for 30 minutes, four times a week. There had been nothing harsh, nothing radical, just commonsense and a bit of discipline. It was easy but when would it stop?

Having to move to Queensland and living in Motel type accommodation for more than four weeks, my weight went up, in fact, it went back up to 90 kilograms. Mistress was very understanding about this and did not punish me during this period because She knew that as soon as i had some permanent accommodation, my normal “slave” life could resume. Indeed it was, and over the last few months i have once again lost weight on a regular basis. my weight is now under 83 kilograms. In 14 months i have lost more than 22 kilograms.

Mistress has decided that my ideal weight is going to be 80 kilograms so i only have three more kilos to lose although that will take a little while, probably another two months as my weight loss each week has reduced now but i will feel very proud when i reach that goal. The effect on myself has been enormous. i feel very happy, contented, my manner is positive and i am proud of my body for the first time in 30 years! My whole life has changed. i can do everything so much better and easier and i have so much more energy. i no longer feel tired and my stress level has decreased.

The most important thing in my life over the last 12 months has been my desire to be a slave. my weight loss has been a very important aspect in confirming to me that i really do want to be a slave. i have been prepared to do anything that my Mistress wishes. i can live a very disciplined lifestyle according to Her rules, i can go without what is normal to other people, and to me are what i consider to be luxuries and privileges.

i realize just how important it is to Mistress Adira that She has a fit, slim and healthy slave to play with - it makes Her life so much easier. However a slim, trim body is most beneficial for me as well. As a slave who wants to experience enforced feminization, to walk in heels, to act in a feminine manner, to sit in a feminine manner, is so much easier and more enjoyable when i am slimmer. Hopefully i will be able to experience one of my greatest fantasies one day - to wear a tight lacing corset. my fantasy is only going to be that much better with my new body shape as i will be able to maximize and enjoy the sensation of having my waist reduced by 6”.

i know Mistress Adira will never let me be anything else but a slim, fit, healthy slave from now on but in reality i am confident that i would never return to that lifestyle again. my Doctor has taken me off my cholesterol tablet and my blood pressure is perfect and she is considering taking me off this tablet as well in the near future which would be absolutely fantastic. i enjoy my slim, fit, healthy body too much to return to that previous unhealthy state. i will always acknowledge that without the guidance and perseverance of my Mistress, i would never have achieved what i have to date and i will always be grateful to Mistress Adira for improving my health and fitness. However, i feel that my weight loss has been much more of a significant event to me than just improving my fitness and health - it was a test for me to see just how badly i wanted to be a slave. i have shocked myself just how well i have coped with my new disciplined and controlled lifestyle and it has confirmed in my mind that i do in fact want to be a slave more than anything else in the world!

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