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If someone had asked me three years ago would i ever get a tattoo, my answer would have been a very quick and loud – NO! However, opinions and attitudes change with time and look at me now, i am the proud wearer of the most beautiful tattoo in the world, the tattoo of Mistress Adira! The change in my attitude and behaviour over the last two years has been amazing and my branding has just been the culmination of those changes in attitude and behaviour.  


Two years ago i decided that i wanted to be a slave more than anything else in the world and i was prepared to do anything to achieve my dream! When i say anything, i did mean anything, it was now or never i had decided! Through the wonders of the internet i found Mistress Adira’s website and as they say, the rest is history. i was absolutely stunned and over the moon when my Gold Coast Mistress announced that i was to become a collared slave. my dream of becoming a slave was becoming a reality far quicker than i had imagined but there was no way i was going to blow my opportunity, i was determined to succeed in my quest to be a “real” slave! This was my once in a lifetime opportunity and i was not going to have any regrets. 


i have always been fascinated with slaves who have allowed themselves to be tattooed with the brand of their Mistress! i was in awe of such slaves and had the utmost respect for any slave who had made such a permanent sign of their level of commitment to their Mistress. What a way of showing commitment to your Mistress i thought, that is something i could never do! In my opinion, any slave who had allowed their body to be permanently branded, is a slave who really is a “true” slave! 


i was aware that Mistress Adira had previously tattooed another collared slave and although i hoped one day i may be given such an honour and privilege, it was something that would never happen to me. However my mind was made up from the day i became Mistress Adira’s collared slave, that if i did want to be a “real” slave as much as i believed i did, then if i was ever offered this once in a lifetime opportunity of wearing the tattoo of my Mistress, my answer had to be an immediate and decisive Yes. 


i was in a complete state of shock when Mistress said for the first time that She was thinking of getting me tattooed with Her brand! My reaction of shock was not a reaction of shock in terms of fear – it was a shock of disbelief! Was a dream about to become a reality? i was not letting this opportunity go – my response was immediate and decisive “Mistress, yes Mistress, thank You Mistress” i replied with delight. i did not even think to ask any questions like: Where would my tattoo be? What would my tattoo look like? It did not matter, my Mistress wanted to place Her brand on me! This was a very significant moment in my dream of becoming a “true” slave! 


Mistress Adira made ALL the arrangements and soon i was counting down the days, hours and then minutes till i would be permanently branded! My mind for the seven days leading up to my tattoo was all over the place. Where would my tattoo be? What would my tattoo look like? How much would it hurt? i had no idea about tattoos except one thing – they are permanent – but that was the least of my concerns! Some of my concerns were eased when Mistress announced that She also would be getting a tattoo on the same day. Her decision only helped to reaffirm in my mind that if my Mistress can get a tattoo, then i can! The last few days leading up to the big day were unbelievable. my nerves were tingling with excitement and anticipation and i could not wait! It was like the build up to a grand final it was so intense. 


When the morning finally arrived i was ready - this was going to be the day that i would remember for the rest of my life! i had never even been inside a Tattoo Parlour before and the first thing that impressed me was how clean it was - very impressive and pleasing to a tattoo virgin. For the first time i caught a glimpse of my tattoo. The design was everything i had dreamed and hoped for: Mistress’ specially designed zebra heart and the words ‘Property of Mistress Adira’. What a statement i was about to make i thought to myself! 


Mistress decided to get Her tattoo done first which allowed some nervous energy to pass as i watched intently everything that happened. i was wearing my slave collar in public but it did not matter, if i was about to get a tattoo saying that i was the 'Property of Mistress Adira', then wearing a slave collar in a public place was a piece of cake! Before i knew it, Mistress was finished and the only disappointing thing for me was that i could not see Mistress’ tattoo as it had already been bandaged but i did not have time to worry about that as it was my turn now! 


The Tattooist was a very nice guy and asked if i had ever been tattooed before and i gave a nervous laugh and said “no”, so he explained a few things to me about what would happen. He could have said anything really as my mind was thinking of one thing now: how much would it hurt? He positioned the outline of my tattoo and then asked if it was in the correct place. i said to him, “No point me asking me” as i stood and faced the window so my Mistress could determine if the tattoo was in the correct spot! i received the thumbs up from Mistress and i was now waiting impatiently for the sensation of the first blow of the needle! 


He seemed to take forever before i finally felt the needle piercing my skin for the first time. i was pleasantly surprised as the pain was relatively low, or was it that i was on such a high that nothing was going to hurt today! i am sure as i lay there i had a very strange facial expression, a bit like a cat who has just caught a mouse. But my eyes said it all - they were sparkling! i am sure that having a tattoo in the middle of your back is actually quite painful but i could feel no pain today - i was in the zone, the zone of ecstasy!  


In no time at all he had finished and i proudly stood in the window for the world and my Mistress to see my tattoo. The smile on my Mistress’ face was the greatest sight i could have hoped to see. The delight on my Mistress’ face was obvious and that was all i needed to see to know that my tattoo was something special to both my Mistress and me. Unfortunately i could not get to admire my new tattoo as it needed to be bandaged for an hour or so! i recall Mistress asking me a few questions: Do you like it? Was it painful? How are you feeling? i have no recollection how i answered Mistress and whatever my answers were, i hoped they made sense to my Mistress as i was floating on air – i was up in the clouds Mistress. 


Mistress had arranged for U/us to have lunch to celebrate such an important occasion and it was a magnificent end to a day that i will never forget. However getting a tattoo is one thing but there is no point in having a tattoo that is faded or cracked and Mistress Adira has been fastidious in ensuring that i do everything correctly to allow my tattoo to heal properly and it has been a pleasantly easy process. i have not had a single problem looking after my tattoo. What a relief as i did not want any complications with the healing process. 


Since i have had my tattoo, i have had a few opportunities to think about the impact of being branded and what affect it will have on my life! Well unless instructed otherwise, the impact is going to be huge. The most obvious that i will never be topless again in public. How could i possibly ever explain such a tattoo! The irony of my tattoo is the location of it – right in the middle of my lower back! i know that i have been branded and i look at the reflection of my tattoo in the mirror many times each day, and i know it is visible for everybody to see except for one person - me! i will be the only person who will never be able to see my tattoo directly. What a cruel twist of fate Mistress!      


i cannot believe how important being branded has been to me Mistress. i thought i was totally devoted to being Your slave before being branded, but since the 26th November 2008 Mistress, my level of obedience now has no boundaries! i am sure that my boundaries will be tested in the future Mistress but my desire and ambition to please and obey Your every wish and desire has increased ten-fold Mistress.  


i am humbled that You considered me worthy of the honour and privilege You have bestowed upon me Mistress. i am so lucky Mistress to be Your collared slave. i am one of the very few people who ever get to live their dreams Mistress. i wear Your tattoo with the utmost pride Mistress and it will be a very important and permanent reminder to me that i am Your slave and will be the Property of Mistress Adira forever! 


Humbly Yours Mistress Adira 

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